Women in business

How to Greet a Woman in Business Situations

I honestly don’t know the “proper” thing to do in this situation, but here is my perspective.  Your greeting should not take on a gender spin, ever.  If you would shake a man’s hand, you should shake a woman’s hand.  If you want to hug the man, then I suppose you can offer a hug to the woman, too.  

Please consider carefully here.  Choose a universal greeting that you are comfortable offering anyone. And I mean anyone, regardless of gender, hygiene habits, etc.  If your chosen greeting is as intimate as a hug, then be prepared to offer it to everyone equally not just people with fluffy lady parts.  

As an added note, please don’t involve the use of your lips in any greeting with anyone who is not your spouse. Your victims will appreciate you keeping your lips to yourself and so will their husbands. 

Written By: Katie Bigelow