Book Review: Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

I just read a great book by Brian Tracy on productivity called Eat That Frog.  Let’s face it.  We can all streamline, prioritize, and execute more efficiently.  I highly recommend it for anyone’s reading list.  Every chapter is full of actionable items that can be implemented immediately.  Here is a thought that stuck with me…

At whatever level you are in your organization, find the people who are doing it the best.  Ask them what they are doing, and DO IT.  When you move up, find new people at your new level, and ask them.  This is completely brilliant!  Imagine if a colleague turned to you and said, “I see that you do this task well. Will you teach me your technique?”  Most people would be happy to share their ideas.  And maybe, in turn, that colleague will come to you for help in an area that they have a weakness.  We could improve the efficiency and profitability of entire organizations.

Ask questions like:

  • I see you have a great set of employees that seem dedicated to their work. How do you do this?

  • You accomplish so much daily. How do you manage your time so efficiently?

  • Your marketing materials are top notch. Can you make some suggestions?

  • How on earth do you keep up with all the email? I’m drowning!

  • You are such a great networker. How do you get a conversation going with a prospect?

earn from your coworkers, competitors, and counterparts, and share what you know with them. Make yourself better and be willing to build up those around you who have the wisdom to ask. 
Written By: Katie Bigelow