​War Story 3

There I was… a typical sunny day in Iraq when called on a mission along one of the main supply routes (MSRs).  We didn’t have much information except a 9-line for an urgent patient and a grid location. When we arrived, we landed alongside the road about 50 meters from a clump of trucks and personnel.  Presumably the patient was in the middle of the mix, so my medic jumped out to assess the situation.  I noticed he didn’t bring his medical bag with him. We were in the open dessert with no enemy in site, so I sent my crew chief to meet the medic and deliver the med bag.  The next thing I know our crew chief is on his way back.  Only this time, he is moving at about half speed and watching his feet.  It looked oddly like a game of hopscotch.  What seemed like an eternity later, the crew chief arrives, plugs in, and announces that we have landed in a mine field.    

Written By: Katie Bigelow

Photo by Spc. Audrey Ward