Who We Are

We are warfighters. 

We incubate innovation to improve soldier lives.  
We have a high obligation to the American warfighter,
our people, our faith, and our place on this earth.  

We were soldiers. 

We needed our equipment to work better and protect us.  

We are unique.

Mettle Ops is built on grit and transparency. 

Mettle Ops is not built on a list of tradeshow vendors or a passed-around contact list.  Our business is built on relationships. We share happy moments and heartbreak over a cup of coffee. We love the people that work with us.

We are fiscally conservative.  We don't pay for fat-cat VPs and big titles.  Everyone works.  We pay our employees the best wage that we can, so they can take care of their families. Our business model is based on extremely low overhead.  Our customers get prices lower than our big competitors can offer and value far beyond what our competitors deliver.